A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Bomb the Giraf is a game containing asymmetric gameplay where a team of 3 must protect a giraffe from the bomber and get it to safty.

(Giraf is the danish word for girrafe)

For an optimal play session, 4 players should be involved. Each player has one role in the gameplay.

The Bomber uses the letter keys on their keyboard to fire off floating bombs on specific positions in the game world. This players mission is to stop the other 3 players from reaching the goal, by carefully picking the right place and time to drop a bomb. To accomplish this mission the bomber can use the map found as a screenshot on this page or accompanied in the folder in the download link

The Watcher is the player who is allowed to watch the screen and whose mission is to guide his team to freedom and avoid the mines and bombs.

The Walker controls the movement of the giraffe. She must follow the instructions watcher to get through the world. The walker moves using the left analogstick on the 360 controller.

The Bender controls the bending of the giraffe neck as to avoid the floating bomb by dodging it at the right time. The Bender moves using the Right analogstick on the 360 controller.

The game was developed at Nordic Game Jam 2015 by:

Jérémy Tuloup - Programmer
Magnus Nilsson - Graphical Artist
Dharam Kapila - Programmer
Niels Böttcher - Audio & Music
Richard Adem - Programmer


Bomb_the_giraf_windows.rar 20 MB
Bomb_the_giraf_osx.zip 31 MB

Install instructions

Access to an Xbox 360 controller, keyboard and screen is mandatory for gameplay.

Webplayer version can be played at http://tinyurl.com/Bomb-the-giraf